A home is often a person's largest single asset.  The decision to purchase a home, or investment property is not something that
should be left to chance.  It is important when buying a property to choose a licensed REALTOR® who will ensure that your
interests are fully represented; that you are fully aware of all aspects affecting the value of the property, including such things as
local market trends or the condition and age of the property.   

If you are considering becoming a real estate investor, or are an experienced investor, and are looking for a way to build assets
instead of liabilities, if you understand the concept of people working versus money working, then let us help you accomplish your
dreams.  Even If you come from a poor beginning,  and this is foreign to you, but have a burning desire to acquire wealth,
security and a better life than just the 9 to 5 rat race? Let's talk.   

A Professional REALTOR® is bound by a
code of ethics to act honorably, and in the best interests of his/her client.   Whether
you are looking for your perfect home, or that ideal investment property, let us help you fulfill your dreams.

Don't risk losing everything you have worked so hard for because of mistakes that could have been avoided.   
What you can expect from Rustic Realty

We will:

Expose you to the best buys in the market place.

Show you how to purchase property with little or no money down.

Explain financing alternatives and direct you to the best possible financing source.

Lender qualify you, so you're sure the financing is available on the home you want.

Get you accurate information on any property on the market.

Show you other broker's listings without prejudice.

Explain and write your offer to purchase and act as a mediator between you and the seller.

Let you know about and estimate all costs of purchase before you make a commitment.

Keep you up to date with the progress of your transaction through closing.

Arrange for a home warranty protection program, if one is desired.

Assist you with all the particulars of moving into your new home.

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